Arbor Residences

Arbor is an eco-friendly residential development that is all about rethinking the way we interact with our environment, and crucially, it needed to happen in Coconut Grove - a neighborhood that walks a line between accessibility and exclusivity. In order to communicate the vision behind Arbor, we needed to walk that line as well.

The architecture’s exterior is informed as much by the natural landscape as it is by the very best principles of modernist design. We used this and the Grove’s lushness and urban lifestyle as a basis for our brand expression, creating a suite of harmonious materials that speaks to its forward-thinking, nature-loving demographic.

We took a very editorial / lifestyle approach to the collateral. Never taking ourselves too seriously but also never playing down the relevance of the project. The result was distinct identity that speaks directly to the essence of the grove without getting lost in the shuffle.

Project scope

Strategy / Naming, Identity / Art Direction / Photography / Storytelling / Print & Digital design / Renderings Art Direction / Brand Film

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