Miami of Tomorrow

Miami of Tomorrow is a new public art project inside the lobby of downtown Miami’s historic DuPont Building. A unique collaboration between Lemon Yellow and EXILE Books in partnership with Tiliarts, the installation takes shape as a series of backlit posters featuring high-impact text. Displayed in back-lit poster boxes previously used to advertise jewelry, the work gradually moves across the color spectrum in response to its architectural surroundings, stimulating a vivid, sensory experience.

The text was inspired by vintage materials curated from the building’s own archives, as well as the HistoryMiami Museum. As the viewer strolls through the Deco-embellished lobby and engages with Miami of Tomorrow, the intent is for them to construct their own story, piecing together glimpses of the past while envisioning what the future may look like for this tropical metropolis.

Photography by Zachary Balber

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