Lemon Yellow's collaboration with Heart of Caleb, a fashion label that resonates with the rhythm of life, was a symphony of creativity and strategy. Inspired by the concept of a musical 'measure', our work with Heart of Caleb beautifully balanced intuition and intellect, mirroring the harmony found in music.

Our journey began with an in-depth brand strategy, laying the foundation for a brand that speaks to the soul of fashion. In developing the brand identity, we infused the essence of a musical measure, creating a mark that symbolizes the equilibrium between artistic flair and thoughtful design.

The culmination of our efforts is visible in every aspect of the Heart of Caleb brand, from the carefully crafted brand strategy to the nuanced details of packaging design. It’s not just a fashion label; it's a testament to the poetic balance between style and substance, intuition and intellect - a true reflection of the Heart of Caleb.

Project Scope

Brand Strategy / Visual & Verbal Identity / Art Direction / Storytelling / Packaging Design