Jayaram is an IP focused law firm boasting an impressive selection of artists and companies on their client list including Daniel Arsham, Snarkitecture, JetBlue, Spotify, Refinery29, Aime Leon Dore and Nigel Sylvester. They operate in that nebulous region between law, art, tech and do so with a creative eye and an analytical mind. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they've launched a journal that serves as a platform for them (and others) to exchange ideas that they find at the heart of their work.

Lemon Yellow was enlisted to design the brand Identity for The Innovator, establish the art direction, consult and design each quarterly issue. The logo incorporates one of the most enduring symbols of innovation, the wheel. And as the title implies, The Innovator champions new ideas across many disciplines. On its pages, you’ll find a bit of IP law, a bit of art, tech, lifestyle and so on. All fresh and all nicely laid out by Lemon Yellow.

Project Scope

Art Direction / Copywriting / Photography / Print Design

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