Lemon Yellow's rebrand of JoJo Tea involves a comprehensive transformation encompassing strategic repositioning, product segmentation, a custom-built wordmark, packaging design, and an e-commerce website. In the creation of the mark for JoJo Tea, Lemon Yellow employs the concept of pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon where people perceive familiar patterns or shapes, often faces or objects, in random or ambiguous stimuli. By incorporating elements that evoke pareidolia, the mark design triggers a sense of recognition and connection in viewers, making it memorable and engaging.

Tea has traditionally been positioned as a calming alternative to coffee which misrepresents how serious tea drinkers think of it. Our goal was to highlight tea's stimulating qualities, appealing to a broad audience that includes coffee drinkers while making tea more approachable and part of a daily ritual. By highlighting the stimulative effects of tea and not alienating coffee drinkers, the brand aims to appeal to individuals seeking a different beverage experience without disregarding their existing preferences. This approach opens doors for tea to be seen as an exciting and invigorating choice, going beyond the traditional relaxation and calming aspects typically associated with tea.

Project Scope

Brand Strategy / Visual & Verbal Identity / Art Direction / Packaging Design / Merchandise Design / Storytelling / Photography / Video / Website

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