Lemon Yellow reimagined the identity a Miami Beach institution — Jaya Restaurant by The Setai. Drawing inspiration from the storied Silk Road. This iconic route, known for its rich history of cultural and commercial exchange, became the creative muse for Jaya's new logotype, symbolizing a fusion of diverse culinary and cultural influences.

Our comprehensive involvement spanned from brand strategy to the finer details of brand identity and collateral design. The new brand strategy was intricately woven to reflect Jaya's ethos of blending traditional and contemporary flavors, mirroring the Silk Road's legacy of connecting distinct worlds.

The logotype, a central element of our redesign, captures the essence of Jaya's culinary journey. It reflects the balance and harmony between the diverse culinary traditions that Jaya brings together, much like the Silk Road connected diverse cultures and ideas.

Through this rebranding, Lemon Yellow has not only revitalized Jaya's visual appeal but also reinforced its position as a culinary haven that celebrates the rich tapestry of flavors along the Silk Road.

Project Scope

Brand Strategy / Visual & Verbal Identity / Art Direction / Collateral Design

(Food photography courtesy of Jaya. All images are copyright to their respective owners.)

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