We all have an inner force.
Tightly linked to our connections with nature,
and with the sea...
When unleashed, it unlocks new confidence
to venture outside of the norms.
To seek new things.
To live a bigger life.
And to see the joy in possibilities.
This is Onda.
This is how we live.

Onda (or "wave" in Italian) is a new residential luxury development on Bay Harbor Islands developed by Italian developers Morabito Properties and CMC Group and designed by Arquitectonica. We developed the visual and verbal strategy inspired by the ocean and the power to make waves. As such, we created a custom mark that felt rhythmic, organic, and quite effortless. A great deal of attention was also given to the materials. Working with GFSmith and their Colorplan line, Imperial Blue and Azure Blue were selected as the primary stocks adding haptic and a sophisticated feel via their Buckram embossing. The storytelling became a critical element in a market saturated with cliches and faux luxury.

Project Scope

Brand Strategy / Visual & Verbal Identity / Art Direction / Custom Type / Illustration / Storytelling / Photography / Film / Website Design & Development

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