The announcement of The Standard’s first ever residences in Midtown Miami was no small affair. In fact, it was met with a bit of skepticism if you can believe that. After all, it’s natural to wonder if The Standard’s brand could be deployed in a meaningful way to a venture that was well outside of the parameters that it was designed for? Can the ideas that made The Standard such a compelling stay seamlessly transition into a permanent residence? Most of all, could we come up with messaging that would speak to the existing audience, and the new one simultaneously?

The answer from LY was resounding yes. With some tight visuals and clever copy at the service of some very thoughtful positioning, we set about rethinking what The Standard Residences brand could mean. The results speak for themselves. Effortless cool, that seems so inevitable in retrospect. That’s exactly what we wanted.

Project Scope

Brand Strategy / Visual & Verbal Identity / Art Direction / Storytelling / Environmental / Website Design

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